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Georgia ReLeaf Application

To apply for Georgia ReLeaf funding, provide the required information in the fields below and click on the submit button at the end of the page. (PLEASE NOTE: There is no "save for later" button. We recommend that you study the application first, gather the information needed, and then fill out the application and submit.)

Project Description

Applicant Information

501 (c) 3 Status
Project Manager (All correspondence will be directed to this contact.)

Financial Information

Georgia ReLeaf grant funds requested
Total Cash Match (If none, put "0")
Total In-Kind Match (If none, put "0")
ReLeaf funds requested + Total Cash Match + Total In-Kind Match = Total amount of Project

Signature of Agreement

By checking "yes," the above authorized representative indicates approval of this grant proposal.

Proposal Narrative

Narratives should be concise responses to the questions and statements below.  The narrative should be typed (or copied and pasted) into the text area below, using the outline format below. Include the number and heading for each section.

I.     Introduction and Purpose

A. Provide a brief introduction to your community or organization in 100 words or less.

B. Indicate the project category and explain the purpose of your project in one or two sentences.

II.    Objective

In 300 words or less, describe your project’s objective and how it addresses the Georgia ReLeaf Program Objectives. Make it specific and measurable.

III.  Project Detail

Provide a detailed description of how the project will be accomplished.  Include:

A.   Timeline - Indicate the Project Start Date, a Project End Date, and Timeline of proposed completion dates by project milestone.

B.    Partnerships and Participants – Specifically identify project partners and personnel and their qualifications (ex: certified arborist, landscape architect) and what will be their responsibilities? Will volunteers be involved in the project? From what organizations? How many?

C.   Media - Describe any media you plan to use to support your program implementation.  Examples are

1.    Websites or social media

2.    Printed media – newsletters/news articles/press releases/magazines

3.    Radio (commercials, on-air interviews)

4.    Television/cable (news coverage, talk shows, on-air interviews)

D.   End Product/Results – Describe the end results of the project. How many trees were planted or distributed? What are the benefits? How will this project improve the local community? Is there a potential for this project to be continued or replicated in this or other communities?

E.    Tree planting or giveaway event details – Provide additional details. You may upload attachments in the area below.

1. Planting site plan indicating total area, intended species, and locations of tree plantings. The site plan should include pictures and a sketch or map of the project location and have the endorsement of a GFC Community Forestry Specialist (      


 2. Giveaway Event specifics including date, location of giveaway event, tree species distributed, how many trees will be distributed, how recipients are selected, how educational materials will be provided to recipients, etc.

F.    For Tree Planting Projects Only, please include:

1. Three-year maintenance plan that specifies the entity responsible for maintenance, frequency of maintenance, and scope of maintenance.  Plan must address how plantings will be maintained if outdoor watering restrictions are in place. (Upload file in area below if needed.)

2. Letter of endorsement from the local government if planting on city or county property. (Upload file in area below if applicable.)

3. Letter certifying compliance with Department of Transportation regulations if planting is done on state rights-of-way. (Upload file below if applicable.)


UPLOAD YOUR ATTACHMENTS BELOW. (Note: Multiple files can be included on one field, up to 30 files max. To do this, Ctrl-click multiple files and drag them ALL onto the field at one time. Dragging and dropping some and then trying to add more will replace what's there instead of add to it!)

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In a spreadsheet, show us how the funding will be used and what your total plant and other project costs are, per line item using the format in this sample (click to see example/template), using the following steps.  Please round to the nearest whole dollar. 

Step 1: Calculate your cost of plant materials.

Step 2: Calculate your project costs.

Step 3: Total your costs indicating which will be covered by grant funds and which will be covered by your 20% match.

Upload your file in the area below.


ReLeaf funding can only be used to purchase trees, staking and/or watering materials. Installation costs such as equipment rental or contract services may be included if required for project completion.

Cash match is direct, out-of-pocket expenditures for eligible project activities.

In-kind contributions include donated supplies or equipment usage, the value of employee/staff time (including fringe benefits), donated professional services at the professional rate, or time spent by volunteers on eligible project activities. 

To determine the average dollar value of adult volunteer labor, refer to the Independent Sector at  For children, use the Federal minimum wage as a standard.  Assistance provided by Federal employees or Georgia Forestry Commission staff may not be claimed as part of the match.

If grant funds are awarded, please be prepared to document your match by providing copies of volunteer sign-in sheets, staff time records, invoices, receipts, letters of donation, etc. 

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Liability Waiver

Liability Release
By checking this box, the applicant organization hereby releases the Georgia Tree Council and the Georgia Forestry Commission from any liability associated with contractors, volunteers, local government employees or other persons working on a project funded by the Georgia ReLeaf Program.

To submit your application, click the button below.  You will receive an email confirmation with your full proposal submission included in the email. Look for an email from " (" with the subject line "We've received your Georgia ReLeaf application."