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Georgia Tree Council members are a diverse group of people brought together by their common interest in healthy, thriving urban forests.  Our membership includes individuals and organizations from all across the state of Georgia and many other states as well!

Members include engineers, planners, landscape architects, tree boards, foresters, arborists, non-profit organizations, educators, businesses and industries, municipal and government managers and staff, builders and developers, utility representatives, landscape contractors, ornamental and shade tree growers, garden club members, and citizen tree advocates.  Anyone with an interest in trees in cities will benefit from membership.

Membership Benefits

Membership is open to any individual, business or organization that shares our educational mission and dedication to improving Georgia’s urban forests. Benefits of membership include:

  1. Timely access to grant opportunities
  2. Invitations to a variety of training and educational programs, most offering CEUs
  3. Annual Conference and Awards Program
  4. Discounted rates for our workshops and seminars. Corporate and municipal members receive discounts for their employees.
  5. Networking opportunities with urban forestry professionals, organizations, cities, and counties
  6. Electronic newsletters featuring up-to-date urban forestry news, research and information
  7. E-mail updates and reminders about opportunities and events in urban forestry
  8. Online Membership Directory

Support of your state council ensures continued improvements in what we can offer to assist you in managing, protecting and enhancing your urban forest!

Georgia Tree Council is a 501 (c) 3 organization.
Your Georgia Tree Council membership payment is a donation and is tax deductible.  Per the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, Georgia Tree Council is required to send, upon request, a full and fair description of its programs as well as a financial summary consistent with that filed with the state.


It's easy to become a Georgia Tree Council member or to renew your membership!

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