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Board & Staff

2024 Officers

The Board manages the affairs of the organization, and board members are the ultimate stewards of Georgia Tree Council's mission, programs and policies. Board members are expected to attend the four Quarterly educational programs (the 4th meeting the Annual Conference) in addition to Board Meetings approximately 2 weeks prior to the regular meetings. Board members are also ambassadors of the organization, representing the Georgia Tree Council and its programs throughout Georgia and bringing new members and constituents to our group. The organization’s standing committees include Executive, Finance, Nominations, Membership, Governance and Educational. Other committees include Annual Awards,  Landmark & Historic Trees, Annual Conference Committee, Georgia ReLeaf, and the Campus Tree Canopy Conference. Typically, these committees are chaired by board members, though others may serve on them as well.  Election to the board is an opportunity to participate on the front line of community forestry in Georgia.


Ex Officio