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Tree Care


Homeowners can ensure a healthy tree canopy for future generations through tree planting, which requires the right tree in the right place.   Contact us with specific questions – we’re happy to help.  You can also view videos on how to plant a tree by clicking here. Quick tip:  for maximum energy savings, plant deciduous trees to the west, east, and southwest of the structure, and plant large growing shade trees such as oak and maple rather than crepe myrtle and dogwood.

Trees are also removed for many reasons.  Laws for tree removal are governed by your local municipality.  In Georgia, 48% of municipal ordinances restrict homeowners on the number of trees and/or type of trees that can be removed from their property.  Contact your local munipality and ask for the rules in your area.

Two pamphlets from the International Society of Arboriculture, Mature Tree Care and Recognizing Tree Hazards, can help. If you have questions about whether a tree needs to be removed for health reasons, it is important to contact an independent arborist that is not hired to do the removal.  For a good list of certified arborists and tree care companies, go to  Homeowners and community officials can find information on preparing and responding quickly and safely before and after storms at  Click here to read about the urban forest and storms and how planning ahead to handle a storm’s damage is the best defense in urban forestry.

Often funds and/or trees are available through micro grants, municipalities, and the Arborday Foundation.  Another organization  listing information on grants that fund tree/environmental projects is the Alliance for Community Trees.