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Excellence in Urban Forestry Awards

Judging Criteria and Winning Strategies for Applicants


  • Nominations are evaluated using a set of specific criteria.
  •  All decisions are final.
  • The panel of judges has no knowledge of the person making the nomination.
  • The panel of judges is made up of a diverse group of professionals from many aspects of urban forestry.
  • Each entry is evaluated objectively; no comparison is made between nominated projects.  Judges do not look at cost or size of the project; they put more emphasis on the outstanding work done in protecting and enhancing our community forests.

In Your Project Description:

Be as concise as possible – you are only allowed 500 words!  You’ll want to convey to the judges the challenge that was at hand, why the nominee considered the project important, and include a summary of the work that went into execution and completion of the project.  The judges will be interested in any special problems that were encountered and how the nominee overcame the problems.  All partnerships involved in the project should be included in the description, as well as the benefits for a healthy urban forest.


Try to submit photos of the highest quality possible and choose photos that offer a complete understanding of the project.  Poor quality images don’t help the judges “see” the nominee's work!  

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